Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1976 Brass Construction – Movin’

1976 Brass Construction – Movin’

Randy Muller was born in Guyana and lived there until his family sent him to live with relatives in Brooklyn. Randy began writing songs when he was only seven years old. While still in Junior High School, he began creating music with several other future musicians. He eventually led a group of eight players who called themselves The Dynamic Souls. Randy sang and played piano and flute and did arrangements for the band.

The group won a battle of the bands contest and that attracted attention from producer Jeff Lane. Jeff produced the band’s first funk-style single in 1970 and released it on his Docc record label. Randy wrote Two Timin’ Lady, and they issued the single with the band’s new name: Brass Construction.

The band signed with United Artists in 1975, and Jeff produced their first album. The first single from the album was Movin’, which peaked at #14 on the Hot 100 in early 1976. Thanks to the disco/funk style of the single, it also topped the R&B chart and the US Dance chart. While the band had top ten hits on the other two charts, they never again reached the top forty on the Hot 100.

The band released a new album each year through 1980, after which slower sales forced them to move to the Liberty label.

Randy formed the funk/pop group Skyy in 1982. That band had a #1 R&B hit that reached #26 on the Hot 100, Call Me.

The Brass Construction moved to Capitol Records for two years in 1983. They scored a few more R&B and dance top forty singles, but the band stopped recording new material in 1985. Syncopate Records bought the rights to their material and released remixed versions of some of their recordings with minor success in 1988.

A reformed version of the band appeared live on November 28th, 2005, at the Bataclan Arena in Paris, France, and a touring band has been in place since then. The group maintains a website at https://www.brassconstruction.com/ and appears to be working on new recordings.


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