Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1973 Seals And Crofts – We May Never Pass This Way (Again)

1973 Seals And Crofts – We May Never Pass This Way (Again)

James Eugene “Jim” Seals and Darrell George “Dash” Crofts were each born in Texas. Dash played drums in a local band while Tim played guitar in Dean Beard and the Crew Cats. Dash later became a member of the Crew Cats as well. Dean was a piano player and singer who had recorded for a few different record labels without churning out any hits.

The Champs had a number one hit with the instrumental Tequila in 1958, and Dean, Dash, and Jim moved to California in about 1959 to join the Champs after the hit had faded. Glen Campbell was also a member of the Champs at that time. Dean was caught pocketing some of the money that was intended for Dash and Jim and got fired from the band.

Glen, Dash, and Jim left the Champs with guitar player Jerry Cole and formed the Gee Cees. They played local shows and released at least one instrumental before splitting up in 1963. Glen began a solo career, but did much better for years as a studio musician as part of a group known as The Wrecking Crew.

Jim joined the Dawnbreakers and Dash returned to Texas for a time. Dash eventually returned to California and joined Jim in his new group. While the Dawnbreakers did not record any hit records, they did introduce Jim and Dash to the  Baháʼí Faith, which became an integral part of their lives.

After the Dawnbreakers fell apart, Jim and Dash signed with of Talent Associates and released a pair of albums in 1970. The next year they moved to Warner Brothers and finally reached the charts with a single from their fourth album. Louis Shelton produced a song the pair wrote, Summer Breeze, and it peaked at #6 on the Hot 100 and #4 on the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart in 1972. The second single from that album, Hummingbird, barely reached #20, although they got to perform the song in The Tonight Show.

In the Summer of 1973, they again reached #6 on the Hot 100 and #4 on the AC chart with their next single, Diamond Girl. They then released We May Never Pass This Way (Again), their last single that year. The record only reached #21 on the Hot 100, but it did better than any of their other singles when it reached #2 on the AC chart.

Some of the songs they recorded reflected their adopted faith, and they sometimes stayed after their concerts to introduce interested fans to the Baháʼí Faith. They created some controversy with one song they created, Unborn Child, and many radio stations refused to play the record because of its pro-life lyrics.

Through 1980, the duo had four more top forty singles, one more of which (Get Closer) reached #6 on the Hot 100. Their soft rock songs continued to be more successful on the AC chart, where they had nine more top forty singles, four of which reached the top ten.

Warner Brothers dropped the group from their label in 1980, and they split up and left the music business for a while. They continued to appear at events separately and together to promote their religion.

They reunited for a year in 1991 and then again in 2004, when they recorded their last album.

Jim’s brother Dan was half of England Dan and John Ford Coley, and Jim and Dan sometimes appeared together beginning in the early 2000s.

Jim’s cousin Brady Seals and Dash’s daughter Lua Crofts formed Seals and Crofts 2 in 2018 and continue to tour.


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