Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1979 Livingston Taylor – I Will Be In Love With You

1979 Livingston Taylor – I Will Be In Love With You

Livingston Taylor grew up playing a banjo when he and the other kids created their own band. His sister Kate played the dulcimer, Alex (the oldest) played the violin, and James played the cello. James, of course, became a superstar, but Kate also signed a recording contract and recorded a few albums. It was the fifties, and the kids listened to the music that was coming out from artists like Woody Guthrie and the Weavers. The music the kids played and tried writing themselves reflected that brand of folk music.

When Alex earned $20 by playing at a fraternity party, it impressed Livingston enough that he started working on his own professional music career by concentrating on learning to play the guitar. In the early sixties he became part of a folk trio, and when he turned sixteen, he wrote his first song. He later admitted that song was pretty terrible, but he wrote his second song and continued to play Good Friends at shows for most of his career.

Beginning in 1970, Livingston recorded three albums for Capricorn Records that produced two singles that reached the nineties on the Hot 100. He signed with Epic Records in 1978, and his first album for the company contained the most successful single of his career. He released I Will Be In Love With You in 1979, and the single reached #30 on the Hot 100. While he only reached the top forty one more time (with a single that reached #38 in 1980), he scored five more top forty singles on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Livingston appeared on The Midnight Special and American Bandstand and toured as the opening act for Linda Ronstadt. In the eighties, he also wrote his first of two children’s books and hosted This Week’s Music on television. He later taught at Berklee College of Music for eleven years and subsequently wrote a book  on stage performance.

He continued recording music and has released over twenty albums so far. Livingston has remained close friends with James’ ex-wife Carly Simon, and he and Carly the recorded and released the single Best Of Friends in 2006. 


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