Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: 1962 Bobby Rydell – I’ve Got Bonnie

1962 Bobby Rydell – I’ve Got Bonnie 

Bobby Rydell began releasing singles in 1959 and scored four top ten singles and four more top twenty singles in his first two years. After that, things slowed down a bit, but he may have had a bigger influence than he knew during that period.

In 1960, Bobby recorded Swinging School, a record that reached #5 on the Hot 100. A pair of aspiring singer/songwriters were sitting on twin beds and working on a song that became influenced by Bobby’s record. Paul and John had an idea for a song that would have one of them sing, “She loves you,” and the other would answer back, “Yeah, yeah.” They worked on the song for a bit, and they credit Bobby’s current hit as giving them a framework for the singing/answer idea of their song the way Bobby would sing and girl singers would reply. If nothing else, hearing Bobby’s song helped expand the second line of their song to “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” The Beatles recorded She Loves You a few years later.

Bobby’s career slowed down a bit for a few years, although it did get some help when he cut an album with Chubby Checker in late 1961 that included their version of the now-classic Christmas song, Jingle Bell Rock

Bobby’s first single in 1962 was I’ve Got Bonnie. The record peaked at #18 on the Hot 100. 

In 1963, Bobby co-starred in the film Bye-Bye Birdie with Ann-Margaret, which gave him several chances to sing and dance his way back into America’s heart. In one of life’s little coincidences, the pair sang a song in the film that was easily rewritten into the top forty hit We Love You Beatles by the Carefrees in 1964. 

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