1973 Hues Corporation -Freedom For The Stallion

1973 Hues Corporation -Freedom For The Stallion 

The Hues Coroporation originally consisted of three musicians and three singers, but the musicians left the group and formed the group Goodstuff. By 1959, that left three singers, two men and a woman. They wanted to call themselves Children of Howard Hughes, but their record label wisely nixed that idea. They began recording singles in 1970.

The group performed as the opening act for an assortment of entertainers before recording any hit records, including Frank Sinatra, Milton Berle, Nancy Sinatra, and Glen Campbell. 

In 1972, the band appeared in Blacula, a 1972 blaxploitation film. They also recorded three songs for the film’s soundtrack, none of which gathered much attention. The exposure from the film helped the group sign a recording contract with RCA Records.

The first single from their first RCA album also failed to chart, but their second single did much better. Freedom For The Stallion only reached #63 in 1973, but the record reached the top ten on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Everything changed for the group with the release of their third single from the album, Rock The Boat. The record topped the Hot 100 in early 1974, reached #2 on the  R&B chart, and #5 on the US Dance chart. The single eventually sold over two million copies. 

The band had a few more chart hits before disbanding in the late seventies. One of the original members briefly reformed the group with different backup singers in the nineties.


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