1979 Kermit The Frog – Rainbow Connection

1979 Kermit The Frog – Rainbow Connection 

The beginning of the Muppet Movie starts with Kermit playing the banjo and singing The Rainbow Connection. Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher wrote the tune, which was nominated for an Oscar (but lost out to the theme from Norma Rae). 

The song was quickly released as a single which peaked at #25 on the Hot 100 in 1979. While nearly everybody can sing along with the song, it doesn’t appear to fit very many radio station formats anymore, and I can no longer remember even hearing it on the radio.

It was actually the second time that Jim Henson reached the top forty, although it was his character names that appeared on each record: Ernie reached #16 in 1970 with Rubber Duckie and Kermit returned Jim to the airwaves nearly a decade later.


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