1955 Marion Marlowe – The Man In The Raincoat

1955 Marion Marlowe – The Man In The Raincoat 

Marion Marlowe had her own fifteen minute radio show in the late thirties and early forties when she was only nine to thirteen years old. She then began taking singing lessons at London’s Royal Conservatory.

Marion roomed with Marilyn Monroe at the Hollywood’s Studio Club while studying singing in Hollywood.

She was hired as a singer on Arthur Godfrey and His Friends for five years beginning in 1950 and even sang on one of the Little Godfreys Christmas albums.

Arthur was known for mistreatment of many of the Little Godfreys, and in 1955 he fired Marion and several other cast members.

Marion was lucky enough to bounce back with a six appearances on Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town. That Summer she had her most successful single when her release of The Man In The Raincoat peaked at #14 on the Hot 100.

Marion continued recording albums through the fifties, but never charted again. She appeared in the off-Broadway play The Athenian Touch in 1964 and sang on at least five of the song on the cast album.


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