1972 Chi Coltrane – Thunder And Lightning

1972 Chi Coltrane – Thunder And Lightning 

Born in Racine, Wisconsin, Chi Coltrane began playing piano and singing and first appeared in public when she was only twelve years old. She started her own band, Chicago Coltrane, in 1970. The band focused on blues, funk, and gospel music. That led to a recording contract with Columbia Records in 1972.

Chi recorded and released her first album later that year. She wrote all the songs on the album. The first single release was Thunder And Lightning. The record jumped onto the charts almost immediately and peaked at #17 on the Hot 100 in 1972.

Her next single sounded a great deal like something Elton John might have recorded early in his career, but You Were My Friend did not chart.

Rather than tour and promote her album, she chose to move to Los Angeles and enroll at the Salter School of Music.

She released a second album the next year. The record sold poorly and failed to produce another hit single, although it received more positive response in Europe. 

Chi released a few more singles in 1974 before putting her music aside for a few years. She recorded a new album in 1977 and moved to Europe. She recorded three more albums in the eighties for Teldec Records that focused on European new wave music.

Chi began recording new material again in 2009. She has a homepage on the web at https://www.chicoltrane.com/ 


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