1958 Jerry Wallace – How The Time Flies

1958 Jerry Wallace – How The Time Flies

Jerry Wallace was born in Missouri in 1928. He moved to California and served in the Navy. When he mustered out, he pursued a career as a singer beginning in the early fifties. He released at least ten singles that failed to chart before signing with Gene Autry’s Champion Records in 1957. His first three singles for the company did not fare any better, but his fourth single finally delivered success. How The Time Flies peaked at #11 on the Hot 100 in 1958.

Jerry recorded four albums while under contract with Challenge Records. His most successful single for the label came in 1959. Primrose Lane sold over a million copies and reached #8 on the Hot 100.

Jerry had what appeared to be his last pop hit in 1964 with In The Misty Moonlight. The single peaked at #19, which earned him an appearance on American Bandstand.

Beginning in 1965, Jerry’s music aimed more directly at the Country market. He spent a few years releasing records that bounced in or near the Country top forty before he scored a number one Country hit in 1972 with If You Leave Me Tonight I’ll Cry. The record even got some play on pop stations and briefly reached #38 on the Hot 100. They even used the song in an episode of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery television show.

By 1980, Jerry had reached the top forty on the Country charts over a dozen times. He appeared to sing in public a few times after that, but no longer pursued a music career full time.

Jerry died from congestive heart failure in 2008 at age 79.


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