1962 The Angels – Till

1962 The Angels – Till

Barbara and Phyllis Allbut, Bernadette Carroll, and Lynda Malzone formed the Starlets in the early sixties. Lynda left the group and Linda Jansen joined as their new lead singer. The group’s manager dropped them and took on Bernadette as a solo artist and the group reduced to a trio.

The group auditioned with producer Gerry Granahan, who initially turned them down. Gerry later changed his mind and brought the group back into the studio to record a song they had auditioned with. The song (Till) was based on a French instrumental and featured English lyrics written by Carl Sigman.

Roger Williams had recorded Till in 1957, and the single reached #22 on the Hot 100. In spite of its mediocre showing on the charts, the record earned a gold record by selling over a million copies.

The Starlets recorded their version of Till in 1961. The group changed their name to The Angels when it was released, and their single peaked at #14 on the Hot 100 in 1962.

Linda left the group in early 1962, and Peggy Santiglia became the group’s new lead singer. Peggy sang lead on My Boyfriend’s Back, which topped the Hot 100 in 1963.

The group reached #25 later that year with the single I Adore Him, but never again entered the top forty. They continued recording singles through 1968, after which the group disbanded for a few years.

Some members of the group reunited beginning in the early seventies, and Phyllis and Linda still lead a group that appears in Oldies shows as The Angels.

Bernadette released Party Girl in 1964 and it reached #47 on the Hot 100. That single was to be her only appearance on the chart.


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