1965 Jonathan King – Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

1965 Jonathan King – Everyone’s Gone To The Moon

Jonathan King grew up in London and cut a demo of himself singing as a teenager. While still in college, he joined the Bumblies, and they recorded several failed singles. His efforts to promote their records paid off when he wrote and recorded a solo record, Everyone’s Gone To The Moon.

Watch closely and you’ll see Jimmy Savile at the start of the video.

The single peaked at #17 on the US Hot 100 in 1965 and reached #4 in the UK. His next single only got to #97 on the Hot 100.

Later in 1965, Jonathan wrote and produced It’s Good News Week by Hedgehoppers Anonymous. The single peaked at only #48 in the US, but reached the top five in the UK.

The US version of the song included the line, “lots of blood in Asia now, they butchered off the sacred cow, they’ve got a lot to eat.” A different version was used in the UK, with the line replaced by, “Families shake the need for gold by stimulating birth control, we’re wanting less to eat.” The group recorded four more songs before disbanding.

Jonathan recorded and produced solo records and records released using group names that continued to find success in the UK, but never reached the US charts again.

Jonathan discovered a group of boys aged 14 and 15 performing in a band named Anon in 1967. Some familiar names were in the group: Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, and Chris Stewart. Jonathan signed the group to Jonjo Records and produced their first album. He also renamed the group Genesis. After that album, Phil Collins and Steve Hackett joined the group and Genesis moved to another label.

Jonathan later produced hits for 10 CC and The Bay City Rollers. In the early eighties, he moved to New York City and hosted a morning talk show on WMCA radio. He later returned to England.

His later songwriting career included Tubthumping by Chumbawamba and Who Let the Dogs Out? by the Baha Men.

In 2001, a UK court convicted Jonathan of child sexual abuse activities that occurred in the eighties, and sentenced him to seven years in prison. Many other allegations of sexual abuse surfaced as well.

Jimmy Savile died in 2011, and a flood of sexual abuse allegations followed his death.


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