1966 Barry Young – One Has My Name

1966 Barry Young – One Has My Name 

Clarence LaVonne Fitzgerald was born in Oklahoma in 1932. And that seems to be about all anybody knows about him. He began appearing in public as Barry Young, doing an act where he sang like Dean Martin.

Eddie Dean wrote the song One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) with his wife Lorene and Hal Blair. Eddie was a popular singing cowboy, and his single version of the song reached #11 on the Country chart in 1948. Jimmy Wakely covered the song and took it to the top ten on the pop chart and hit number one on the Country chart that year as well. 

Barry recorded the song for Dot records in 1965, and his cover peaked at #13 on the Hot 100 in 1966. Until recently, every time I heard the song, I simply assumed it was Dean Martin singing.

Scopitone made video jukeboxes beginning in the late fifties that played videos they filmed for popular songs. While the videos often featured popular acts such as Bobby Vee and Neil Sedaka, one of the videos they put in their jukeboxes in 1966 was Barry’s version of One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart) that featured Barry singing to two very different women.

Barry was also lucky enough to perform his one-hit wonder on Hollywood A Go Go as well.

Jerry Lee Lewis covered the song and took it to #3 on the Country chart in 1969.

Barry released three singles on Columbia Records in 1966, but none of them approached the charts. One of the singles featured A Heart Without A Home, a song written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. His recordings began drifting closer to Country music, but he never charted on the Country chart at all.

near the end of 1966, Barry died from a brain abscess at age 35.


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