1978 Toby Beau – My Angel Baby

1978 Toby Beau – My Angel Baby 

A band formed in South Texas in the early seventies featuring three guitar players (Danny McKenna, Art Mendoza, and Balde Silva), Rob Young on drums, and Steve Zipper on bass. The band used a name based on a wooden shrimp boat at Port Isabel, Texas: Toby Beau. Nobody in the group was named Toby or Beau…yet.

The band moved to San Antonio and signed a contract with RCA Music. The label assigned Sean Delaney (who was already producing music for KISS) as the group’s producer. Ron Rose replaced Art in the band, playing banjo and guitar.

The group recorded and released their first album, moved to New York City, and began touring. When a single from the album reached the charts, they reissued the album using the name of the single, My Angel Baby. It was one of the songs on the album written by Danny and Balde.

The single peaked at #13 on the Hot 100 in 1978 and also took over the #1 spot on the Adult Contemporary chart. 

The group relocated to Miami to record their second album. Unfortunately, none of the songs they recorded were accepted, and the group had to move to Tennessee and record even more songs using studio musicians. That decision by the record label caused Danny to leave the band.

The first single from their second album was Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye, a cover of the Casino’s 1967 hit. 

The single peaked at only #57 in 1979. After that disappointment, everybody left the band except Balde. He moved to California and recorded a third album by himself to complete the band’s contract with RCA. One single from that album peaked at #70. RCA then dropped the band.

Balde began appearing using the name Toby Beau himself and continues to appear on with a band in clubs.


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