1972 Think – Once You Understand

1972 Think – Once You Understand

Lou Stallman wrote the song Round and Round with Joe Shapiro and Perry Como took the song to the top of the Hot 100 in 1957.

Lou also co-wrote Yogi, a strange novelty record that the Ivy Three took to the top ten on the Hot 100 in 1961. He wrote more songs that were recorded by the Supremes and other groups that were not as successful.

Bobby Susser grew up in New York City and worked hard at writing songs. He produced four singles for the group Tico and the Triumphs in 1961 and 1962, a group that included his friend Paul Simon. Their recording of Motorcycle spent an entire week at #99 on the Hot 100 in 1962.

He worked in the Brill Building and continued writing and producing songs through the rest of the sixties.

In 1971, Lou and Bobby joined together and created the band Think. Their first single was Once You Understand. The song is a collection of gender gap argumentative conversations between a son and his father, and ends with a death resulting from drug use.

Many radio stations banned the record because of its drug-related content (even though it was clearly an anti-drug song). They sold over 1.4 million copies of the record. Rap artists including Biz Markie, Acen, De La Soul, and 4 Hero later sampled or covered the song.

Laurie Records released another single and an album by Think, but not much happened as a result. The band called it quits and split up.

Bobby made appearances and promoted the band’s single to promote an anti-drug message. He started recording music for younger children and spent much of his time recording songs for them. He sold over five million albums.

Lou created his own line of educational albums.


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