1977 Alice Cooper – I Never Cry

1977 Alice Cooper – I Never Cry

After playing together since 1964, the band Alice Cooper had succeeded in inventing shock rock and performing theatrical shows all over the world. The band had called themselves The Nazz in the mid-sixties but were forced to change their name since Todd Rundgren had a band that was already using that name. The band became Alice Cooper, a wholesome sounding name that had little to do with any of the group’s members.

By 1974, the group had reached a dead end and stopped recording or performing in shows. Founding member and vocalist Vincent Furnier legally changed his name to Alice Cooper and began a solo career.

His first solo album, Welcome To My Nightmare, used Lou Reed’s backup band and included narration by Vincent Price. He began touring with a much more involved stage show.

His second solo album, Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, included his first million-selling single. Alice co-wrote I Never Cry with Dick Wagner. He has explained that the song’s lyrics are about his increasing problems with alcoholism.

He also released a video of a live performance to promote the single.

The single peaked at #12 on the Hot 100 in 1977. His problems with alcohol got worse, and later that year Alice successfully checked himself into a sanitarium for treatment.


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