1970 Christie – Yellow River

1970 Christie – Yellow River

Jeff Christie sang, played bass, and wrote songs for several rock groups in the late sixties. He offered one of the songs he had written to The Tremeloes. That band had two 1967 hits in the US (Here Comes My Baby and Silence Is Golden) but they had two chart-topping records and eight more top ten hits in the UK.

The Tremeloes recorded Yellow River, intending to release it as a single.

The group decided they wanted to take their career towards more progressive music and chose not to release Yellow River as a single.

Alan Blakely was a member of the Tremeloes who had written several of their songs. His younger brother Mike was in a band called the Epics with guitarist Vic Elmes. Alan got the backing track available to them, and Jeff, Mike, and Vic recorded a version new of Yellow River.

Their single credited their new group as Christie. It topped the charts in the UK and at least four other countries and peaked at #23 on the US Hot 100 in 1970.

The group had a second single spend a single week at #100 on the Hot 100, and never reached the US chart again. Seven more musicians rotated in and out of the group, which disbanded in 1976.

Jeff reformed the group with new members in 1990.

The Tremeloes managed to reach #4 on the UK chart in 1971 and had one more single reach the UK top forty in 1971. Many unsuccessful singles followed.


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One thought on “1970 Christie – Yellow River”

  1. I just recently read the history of this song. I always liked it but was shocked that the Tremeloes had recorded it first. I listened to their version and liked it better! I was even more shocked to discover that the instrumental backing is the same and the only thing Christie did was over dub the Tremeloes vocals. Tremeloes should have had the hit!


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