1974 Gino Vannelli – People Gotta Move

1974 Gino Vannelli – People Gotta Move

Gino Vannelli was born in Quebec and played drums in a high school band. He signed with RCA Records and released a single using the name Vann Elli in 1970, but it failed to reach the US charts.

He and his brother moved to LA in 1972. They eluded security guards and hand-delivered a demo tape to Herb Alpert. After listening to the tape, Herb signed Gino to A&M Records.

Gino’s second album for A&M contained his first charting record, People Gotta Move. The single reached #22 on the Hot 100 and #17 on the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart.

His hit helped him become one of the earliest Caucasian artists to appear on Soul Train.

In spite of that appearance, Gino didn’t reach the US R&B chart until I Just Want To Stop peaked at #21 on the chart in 1978. That single also topped the charts in Canada and reached #4 on the US Hot 100 and AC charts.

His last visit to the US top forty came in 1981 when Living Inside Myself got to #6 on the Hot 100 and #5 on the AC chart.

Gino now lives in Oregon and works as a music teacher. He continues to tour and record new music. He has released over twenty albums; his latest album came out in 2019.


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