1982 Kenny Loggins Featuring Steve Perry – Don’t Fight It

1982 Kenny Loggins Featuring Steve Perry – Don’t Fight It

Kenny Loggins worked as part of a duo with Jim Messina from 1971 to 1977 before branching out into a solo career. While he recorded quite a few solo hits, he also worked with other artists from time to time. In 1978, his second album included the top five hit Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’ that he recorded with Stevie Nicks.

Kenny used backup vocals from Steve Perry (the lead singer from Journey) in his 1982 single Don’t Fight It in an effort to put out a song that embraced rock more than his normal soft rock songs.

That proved to be an excellent plan when the single peaked at #17 on the Hot 100 and reached #4 on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

The song included the sound of a whip; they produced that sound using one of the whips from the Indiana Jones films!

While that version of the song may have vanished from the airwaves, the song did get more exposure from an unexpected source. The Kids Incorporated show used the song in 1984 with Renee singing lead.

If you pay close attention, the singers on the right-side of the stage included Martika. The young blond singer on the far right was Stacy Ferguson; you may know her better as Fergie.

The show must have really liked the song; they used it again in 1986, this time with Martika singing lead vocals.

Martika left the show after that season, and then had her own chart-topping single with Toy Soldiers (Renee and Stacy, er, Fergie, both sang backup vocals on the single).


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