1966 Bob Kuban and The-In Men – (Look Out For) The Cheater

1966 Bob Kuban and The In-Men – The Cheater

Bob Kuban grew up in the St. Louis area and

In 1961, Bob worked as a high school teacher and he also performed at weddings on the drums. Walter Schott sang lead vocals for a group called The Pacemakers, and the two met each other.

Bob began to work as a drummer at shows for Ike & Tina Turner as a member of Ike’s Kings of Rhythm band. When Ike and Tina left the area, Bob recruited Walter and started his own band, Bob Kuban and The In-Men. The band got to play at the Club Imperial, the same club Ike and Tina had used.

The band recorded a few songs for Norman Records with little to show for the effort. In 1966, they began recording for Musicland Records. Their first single, The Cheater, put them on the charts in early 1966. The single peaked at #12 on the Hot 100.

The band reached #70 and #93 with two more singles, but after 1966 their recording career was all but over.

Bob continued to appear in local clubs with reformed groups and became the program director for KXOK for a few years in the mid-eighties.

Walter’s wife JoAnn began an affair with James H. Williams Sr. James’ wife Sharon seemingly died in an auto accident in 1983, and Walter disappeared without a trace on December 27, 1983. In April 1987, they found Walter’s body floating in a waterproof cistern. His hands and feet were tied together, and he had been shot in either the chest or back.

After Walter’s body was found, James was convicted of capital murder of Sharon and Walter. JoAnn received a five-year jail sentence for helping cover up Walter’s murder.

Three different television shows aired episodes about the murder. It is ironic that Walter did not successfully watch out for the cheater.


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One thought on “1966 Bob Kuban and The-In Men – (Look Out For) The Cheater”

  1. I have read that the band was going to tour, but Bob was told if they did, he would lose his teacher’s deferment and would be drafted, so the music career came to an end. I have always felt sorry for Walter Scott Notheis, who came to a bad end. He had a great Rock voice.


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