1962 Paul Petersen – She Can’t Find Her Keys

1962 Paul Petersen – She Can’t Find Her Keys

Paul Petersen had the good fortune to land a job as one of Disney’s Mouseketeers in 1955. Towards the end of his work on the show, he appeared with Cary Grant and and Sofia Loren in the film Houseboat.

ABC cast Paul as Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show and he appeared in the sitcom from 1958 to 1966. The show capitalized on appearances on the show by actors by having them sometimes sing. Colpix Records prepared for the 1961-1962 season by recording songs that were later included as part of the plotlines on the show.

The first big break generated by the show belonged to James Darren, who appeared on the show in 1961 and reached the top ten with Goodbye, Cruel World.

In March 1962, an episode featured Shelley Fabares performing the song Johnny Angel that reached the top of the Hot 100.

Paul got his turn when he performed the song She Can’t Find Her Keys in a dream sequence on the show.

The single entered the Hot 100 in March 1962 and peaked at #19.

Paul later appeared on Shindig in a sketch that included his hit.

In April, Colpix released a novelty single that featured singing by both Paul and Shelley, What Did They Do Before Rock And Roll. The record failed to chart.

Paul’s next two singles reached the mid-fifties on the Hot 100. He finally had the biggest hit of his career when the show featured the song My Dad.

The slightly different single that came out peaked at #6 on the Hot 100 in 1963.

Paul released at least nine more singles by 1968, but never found the top forty again.

In 1990, Paul formed A Minor Consideration, an organization that seeks to aid child actors and other child laborers through counselling and legislation.

Colpix collected seven top forty singles and a few non-hits by James, Shelley, and Paul in the successful 1963 album Teenage Triangle. A second album of songs, More Teenage Triangle, came out in 1964 and failed to impress anybody.


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One thought on “1962 Paul Petersen – She Can’t Find Her Keys”

  1. I do remember James Darren appearing on the Donna Reed show and singing his Goodbye Cruel World song. It was confusing though in that the storyline had him going into the Army and he sang the song, “I’m off to join the army”. When the song appeared on the radio it was “I’m off to join the circus”. I still thought it was a pretty good song. I also remember Paul and Shelley singing their best songs on Donna Reed. Seemed like just a few weeks later when Johnny Crawford (of the Rifleman) came out with “Cindy’s Birthday”. Talk about overkill.


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