1966 The Troggs – With A Girl Like You

1966 The Troggs – With A Girl Like You

Local UK teenagers, singer Reg Presley and drummer Ronnie Bond, formed an R&B band in Andover in the early sixties. Chris Britton on guitar and Pete Staples on bass joined the band in 1964. The group initially called themselves The Troglodytes, but changed their name to The Troggs.

Their first single only charted in Sweden. Chip Taylor wrote their next single, Wild Thing, which topped the charts in the US in 1966 and reached #2 in the UK. Comedian Bill Minkin created a novelty cover of the song credited to Senator Bobby that reached #20 on the Hot 100 the next year.

Reg wrote the band’s next singleWith A Girl Like You. It topped the charts in the UK and a few other countries but stalled at #29 on the US Hot 100 in 1966.

The band scored six more top forty tunes in the UK. The only one of those hits to do well in the US was the ballad Love Is All Around. That single reached #7 on the Hot 100 in the US.

The group issued countless singles through 1993, but none of them charted again after 1968. Reg continued touring and singing with the group until his death in 2013. Ten other musicians have been in the group over the years.

Chris still tours with a band billed as the Troggs, although no other original members are still in the group.

Chip wrote Angel of the Morning and produced a single by Evie Sands in 1967 that failed to chart. He then produced a version by Merrilee Rush that reached #7 on the Hot 100 in 1968. Chip continued writing songs that were covered by dozens of artists.


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