1958 Patti Page – Left Right Out Of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up)

1958 Patti Page – Left Right Out Of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up) 

Clara Ann Fowler grew up in the late twenties and early thirties in a poor family she shared with ten brothers and sisters. She became a singer with Al Clauser and his Oklahoma Outlaws, performing on radio station KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By the time she turned eighteen, she already had her own fifteen minute show as Patti Page.

Jack Rael was the manager of the Jimmy Joy Band and also played saxophone in their appearances. After hearing Patti sing, Jack added her to the band and became her manager. When the group performed in Chicago in 1947, Patti began singing with a small group run by Benny Goodman. She then signed a recording contract with Mercury Records.

Patti recorded a few records that reached the top thirty in the next two years. Her 1949 recording of With My Eyes Wide Open, I’m Dreaming sold over a million copies.

In 1950, Patti recorded Tennessee Waltz, the record that she is most commonly associated with. The single sold over seven million copies. Eighteen top ten singles followed during the fifties. 

Billboard had multiple charts in 1958, including Best Sellers, Disk Jockey chart, and Composite 100. Her last top forty single in the fifties was Left Right Out of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup Up Up), which reached #13 on the early Top 100 chart.

Patti moved to Columbia Records in 1964 and had a string of successful singles on the Adult Contemporary Chart beginning in 1965. Her recordings then moved to the Country Chart beginning in 1970. She continued recording through 2008.

Patti fought with heart and lung disease and died in 2013 at the age of 85.


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