1964 Sapphires – Who Do You Love

1964 Sapphires – Who Do You Love

George Gainer, Carol Jackson, and Joe Livingston were three singers from Philadelphia who began singing together as a trio in the early sixties. Producer Jerry Ross got them signed to Swan Records and began producing their records using Thom Bell and Leon Huff on keyboards and other staff musicians.

Their first single did not chart, and Jerry brought in Kenny Gamble to arrange their voices for Who Do You Love, their second single. The single reached #25 on the Hot 100 in 1964.

Two more singles on Swan failed to reach the charts, but keep in mind that was the record label that couldn’t even break the Beatles in the US (the label released She Loves You in September 1963 but it didn’t even chart until after I Want To Hold Your Hand topped the Hot 100 in 1964).

The Sapphires moved to ABC Records in late 1964. Their first two singles for the label were also unsuccessful, even though Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, and Wes Farrell wrote one of them.

Their third single for ABC featured backup vocals by Nick Ashford, Melba Moore, and Valerie Simpson. Gotta Have Your Love stalled at #77 on the Hot 100 and peaked at only #33 on the R&B chart. It later became popular with the Northern Soul crowd.

ABC Records dropped The Sapphires in 1966 after a few more failed records, and the group disbanded.

Jerry and Kenny wrote I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, which became a chart-topping hit for the Supremes. Jerry wrote other hit songs and produced records for Jerry Butler, Bobby Hebb, Jay & The Techniques, and Spanky & Our Gang.

Kenny and Leon started Philadelphia International Records and became responsible for much of the soul music from Philly in the seventies.

Nick and Valerie wrote songs for the 5th Dimension, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles before writing and producing records for Motown.


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