1974 The Osmonds – Love Me For A Reason

1974 The Osmonds – Love Me For A Reason 

Singer/songwriter Johnny Bristol worked for Motown through most of the sixties and began his own solo career in 1974. He co-wrote Love Me For A Reason with Wade Brown, Jr., David Jones, Jr. and produced the single for his first album in 1974.

Johnny’s solo album came out on MGM Records. Somehow, the song got also got covered by another MGM group: The Osmonds.

While we all associate Osmond singles with Donny singing lead vocals, the Osmonds recorded Love Me For A Reason with Merrill singing lead vocals. Their single reached #10 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1974, keeping Johnny’s original version of the song off the charts.

The genuine surprise came in the UK, where the Osmonds reached the top of the chart and stayed there for three weeks.

The group had one more top forty single in 1975, after which they suspended work on group recordings to concentrate on producing The Donny & Marie Show for ABC television.


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