1968 Spanky and Our Gang – Give A Damn

1968 Spanky And Our Gang – Give A Damn 

After rising near the top of the charts with Sunday Will Never Be The Same, Spanky and Our Gang recorded two more albums using Bob Dorough and Stuart Scharf as their new producers. Stuart wrote their second million-selling single, Like To Get To Know You

Bob and Stuart co-wrote their next single, which came from their third album. The title (Give A Damn) probably kept them from getting airplay on a lot of radio stations. In New York, the single reached #25 on WMCA, but failed to even get listed on the charts at WABC. That kind of resistance probably accounts for the record stalling at #43 on the Hot 100 in 1968.


The single clocked in at only two minutes and fifty-five seconds, while the album version ran about three and a half minutes. Besides additional instrumental fade-out, the album version included spoken words by somebody lamenting his difficult life. 

The New York Urban Coalition adopted the song as their theme song, and New York City Mayor John Lindsay used it as his campaign song when he successfully ran for re-election.

The band fell apart by 1970. After the group disbanded, Spanky pursued a solo career. She toured as a replacement for Mama Cass in the New Mamas And Papas from 1982 to 1993.

In 2010, Spanky and Nigel Pickering reformed Spanky and Our Gang with some studio musicians and recorded a new album. Back Home Americana included a new live version of Give A Damn that ran over seven minutes.


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One thought on “1968 Spanky and Our Gang – Give A Damn”

  1. One of my favorite groups of the era, music was well done, they obviously had fun doing it, and nothing was taboo, ie “Commercial” and this one, which still speaks to me today.


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