1970 Robin McNamara – Lay A Little Lovin On Me

1970 Robin McNamara – Lay A Little Lovin On Me 

Robin McNamara grew up in New England. He formed a band called Robin and the Hoods while in high school. He got suspended from school multiple times for growing his hair longer than the principal tolerated, which turned out to be a hint about Robin’s future.

After graduation, Robin worked at a New Jersey carwash while he auditioned for work in nearby New York City. He went to an audition for a new play and got hired as a member of the chorus. Before long, they promoted him to one of the lead roles. He played Claude in the Broadway production of Hair from 1969 to 1971. It was scandalous at the time since the play was the first one on Broadway to feature full-frontal nudity.

Songwriter/producer Jeff Barry signed Robin to his Steed Record label. The two of them teamed up with Jim Cretecos and wrote the song Lay A Little Lovin’ On Me. Some of Robin’s co-workers on Hair sang background vocals on the recording. Steed released the single in 1970 and it reached #11 on the Hot 100. Jeff also produced the rest of Robin’s first album.

The cast of the play also sang backup vocals on Robin’s second single, but Got To Believe In Love only reached #80 on the Hot 100 before fading off the chart.

Robin recorded more records, but never reached the charts again. After leaving Hair, he eventually moved to Florida, where he opened his own music publishing business and became a partner in a music studio.

He maintains a website at http://lpintop.tripod.com/robinmcnamara/ and appears in the show Stuck In The 60s as a member of The Headliner Band.


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