1977 Barry Manilow – Weekend In New England

1977 Barry Manilow – Weekend In New England 

After Barry Manilow finally had a hit record in 1974 with Mandy, he followed up with six records that reached the top of the Adult Contemporary chart in just three years. While his records did not do as well on the Hot 100, he still reached the top ten four more times in those years and two of those records (“I Write the Songs and Looks Like We Made It) topped the chart.

One record from that period in particular stands out for an unusual reason: Weekend In New England is one of a handful of songs where the title does not appear in the lyrics. The closest the lyrics get to the title is the mention of “Time in New England.” 

Randy Edelman wrote the song and included the original version on his 1975 album.

Barry covered the song on his fourth studio album. He changed the melody in places, perhaps to better fit his vocal range, and released the song as a single in late 1976. The record topped the Adult Contemporary chart and spent two weeks at #10 on the Hot 100 chart in 1977.

Most stations simply don’t play the record because he has so many other bigger hits they can choose from and many listeners who might want to hear it don’t even know the name of the song!


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One thought on “1977 Barry Manilow – Weekend In New England”

  1. I suspect that Barry made changes to the opening lines of the melody because they would not be attractive and “singable” by most of the record buying public. If he is and was nothing else, being the earworm master and tunesmith, Barry would recognize the need for such and craft a more workable melody (for which he undoubtedly received Mr. Edleman’s approval). With respect, I doubt the reason for the change had to do with Barry’s vocal range as he has quite a wide one in both directions.


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