1980 Jackson Browne – Boulevard

1980 Jackson Browne – Boulevard 

Jackson Browne’s fifth album, Running On Empty, reached #3 on the US Album chart in 1978. That showing no doubt resulted from the performance of the title song (which reached #11 on the Hot 100) and the fan-popular song that frequently ended his shows, The Load-Out/Stay.

His next album, Hold Out, came out two years later and became his only album to reach the top of the album chart. Oddly enough, the album topped the chart, but the singles from the album were not the commercial breakthroughs you might expect.

The first single from the album was Boulevard. Jackson had lived near Hollywood Boulevard and observed many teenaged runaways living in the area and struggling just to get by.

 The single peaked at only #19 on the Hot 100 in 1980.

The second single only managed to reach #22 on the Hot 100 a few months later. He later implied he wrote That Girl Could Sing about one of his backup singers, Valerie Carter.

His third single from the album, Hold On Hold Out, failed to even reach the Hot 100. This may well be a result of the format of the single: it got released as an eight minute 12-inch 45 rpm record. While the song might be impressive, it hardly fit into the typical AM radio station format.

The song was not entirely a failure: on the back of the album is the inscription, “THIS IS FOR LYNNE.” Lynne became his second wife in 1981. 

The marriage fell on the rocks and ended in divorce in 1983 after Jackson began dating Daryl Hannah.


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