1981 Pat Benatar – Fire And Ice

1981 Pat Benatar – Fire And Ice 

Patricia Mae Andrzejewski was born in Brooklyn and grew up on Long Island. Set on a future in the theater, Pat began voice lessons in elementary school and sang and acted in many productions in high school. She married Dennis Benatar when she was 19 and worked mostly clerical jobs for a few years before chasing a musical career. 

She released her first single in 1973, but did not record any more records for five years. She and Dennis divorced in 1978, but Pat has continued to use his last name.

Her first album came out in 1979 and generated five singles, two of which reached the top thirty on the Hot 100.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot from her second album reached #9 on the Hot 100 in 1980, making it Pat’s most successful hit until 1983.

When MTV went on the air in 1981, they played Video Killed The Radio Star as their first video. Their second single was by Pat, and it was not her recent top ten single.

MTV chose to play a less successful single, perhaps because it oozed a lot more attitude. You Better Run only reached #41 on the Hot 100 in 1980, but MTV gave the song new life.

Just a month before MTV hit the airwaves, Pat had released Fire and Ice, her first single from her third album. The single peaked at #17 on the Hot 100 but made it to #2 on the US Mainstream Rock chart.

The song also inspired a magic item I included in one of the early Dungeons and Dragons events I wrote for TSR back in the eighties. The party could find a wand wrapped in a parchment that read “Benatar.” If a wielder waved the wand and used that command word, the wand would shoot out waves of either fire or ice. Sadly, there were no instructions on how to control which attack would come out, so at times it might not be very useful; shooting fire at a fire elemental or ice at an ice elemental might well heal them instead of hurting them!

The hits arrived less often but kept coming for Pat through 1993. She still continues to perform in live shows.


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