1978 Robert Palmer – Every Kind Of People

1978 Robert Palmer – Every Kind Of People

Robert Palmer grew up in England and joined his first band when he was only 15. In 1969, singer Jess Roden left the Alan Brown Set, and they invited Robert to take his place. His vocals on a new single were good enough that he recorded replacement vocals for their recent album.

Robert was a member of the jazz-rock fusion band DaDa in 1970 until he and two other members left to form Vinegar Joe. The new band released three soul/rock albums before disbanding in 1974.

Island Records signed Robert to a solo contract. He recorded his first solo album for them using the American funk band the Meters as his backup band. The album did fairly well in the US, but none of his singles charted in the Hot 100.

Robert and his wife moved to New York City and he recorded two more albums in 1976. The failure of the albums resulted in another move, this time to Nassau, the largest city in the Bahamas.

His next location resulted in the 1978 album that reflected the local Caribbean music. The first single from Double Fun was Every Kinda People. Andy Fraser, of the group Free, wrote the song. The single only reached #53 in the UK, but it launched Robert’s career in the US when it reached #16 on the Hot 100.

In 1985, Robert became a member of the supergroup Power Station and they scored two top ten singles. In 1987, he had a solo hit and earned his first Grammy Award with one of the most iconic music videos of the eighties, the chart-topping Addicted To Love.

Robert died in Paris in 2004 after a sudden heart attack at age 54. They buried him in Switzerland.


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