1968 Four Jacks and a Jill – Master Jack

1968 Four Jacks and a Jill – Master Jack 

Two members of the South African band, The Atoms, left that group and formed The Nevadas in 1963. Many musicians came and went over the next few years as the band became The Nevadas and then the Zombies. The band appears to have been the first band in their country to sport long hair.

Singer Glenys Lynne joined the band, which became Glenys and the Zombies. The band soon got tired of being lumped in with all the new long-haired bands in the country, cut their hair short, and changed their name to Four Jacks and a Jill.

Brian Hyland recorded the song Ginny Come Lately in 1962 and his single reached #21 on the Hot 100 and #5 in the UK.

Four Jacks and a Jill covered the single by simply changing Ginny to Jimmy. Jimmy Come Lately became the band’s first charting single when it which reached #2 on the South African music charts in 1965.

In 1967, the group reached the top of the South Africa chart with Timothy, a song written by Pretoria University theology student “Dopper” Kobus Erasmus.

David Marks was working in South Africa’s Free State gold mines while writing songs. He wrote Master Jack, which became the biggest hit Four Jacks and a Jill had. It took them to the top of the South Africa chart again and also reached #18 on the US Hot 100. The single also landed them on the US Adult Contemporary (AC) chart for the first time, reaching #3 in the Summer of 1968.

Two more of their records reached the top forty on the AC chart in 1968, and one more single after that reached #11 on the South African chart, but that was the extent of their charting success.

The band continued recording and touring into the early eighties. Glenys and her husband became born again Christians in 1982. The band then recorded one last album that comprised gospel music. After that, Four Jacks and a Jill disbanded. Some members became studio musicians, while others created a television production company.

David continued working in the music industry as an engineer and mixer and spent decades compiling documents about the history of the music industry in South Africa. He formed the Hidden Years Music Archive Project to preserve his historical materials.


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  1. I have heard that a friend of mine is in Hospice in Las Vegas. His name is Sandy Nelson. He had a couple hit record in the early 60’s; Teen Beat and Let There Be Drums. I knew Sandy for many years as a friend when I worked for Boulder City Police and he is a resident there.


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