1984 Rick Springfield – Love Somebody

1984 Rick Springfield – Love Somebody

Both television and the radio made room for Rick Springfield in the early eighties thanks to General Hospital and Jessie’s Girl respectively. Perhaps it was only natural for him to star in a movie as well.

In 1984, they offered him the chance to star in the film Hard To Hold. His initial reaction to the script? He summoned up a profanity and threw it across the room.

Then he found out how much they planned to pay him to act in the film and signed up. The film featured several of his songs, which were then collected on a soundtrack album. Love Somebody became the first single from the film. It spent five weeks in the top ten on the hot 100 in 1984 before disappearing from radio (since listeners preferred to hear Jessie’s Girl again and again instead).

Two more singles from the film followed that stalled at #20 and #26.

While the film may have performed poorly, many of his fans liked it. He appeared in a few other TV movies in the late eighties and early nineties.

Rick has continued acting on television, returning to General Hospital and appearing in episodes of Human Target, True Detective, Supernatural, and American Horror Story. He even appeared on Broadway production of the musical Smokey Joe’s Cafe.


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