1962 Arthur Alexander – You Better Move On

1962 Arthur Alexander – You Better Move On

The small town of Sheffield, Alabama, was the birthplace of singer/songwriter Arthur Alexander. His first recording for Judd Records failed to chart in 1960.

In 1962, Arthur did better with another song he wrote: You Better Move On. He recorded the song at the FAME Studios in Florence, Alabama. The success of his single allowed the studio to move to Muscle Shoals and become the home studio for numerous future hits.

Prior to recording their first album, the Rolling Stones covered the song as the lead single on their first EP in 1964.

Another struggling British band covered another one of Arthur’s songs, Anna (Go To Him). The Beatles routinely played the song in their live shows and included it on their first album in 1963.

Steve Alaimo (who later hosted Where The Action Is) released another song written by Arthur, Every Day I Have To Cry. Arthur did not record the song himself for more than a decade. Steve’s single did well in some regions of the US, but peaked at #46 on the Hot 100 in 1963.

Despite all the recordings of his songs by other artists, Arthur never again reached the top forty, and by 1965, Dot Records had dropped him.

He recorded for several other record labels before landing with Buddah Records in 1975. Arthur finally recorded and released his own version of Every Day I Have To Cry for the label in 1975, but his single only reached #45 on the Hot 100.

Arthur signed new recording and publishing contracts in 1993, but he suffered a heart attack and died a few weeks later.


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