1970 Michael Parks – Long Lonesome Highway

1970 Michael Parks – Long Lonesome Highway 

Harry Samuel Parks grew up in California. He left school and worked menial jobs while a teenager, such as picking fruit and digging ditches, and later drove trucks and fought forest fires.

In his twenties, he began working in Hollywood as Michael Parks. He appeared in a handful of television shows before being cast as the lead actor in Then Came Bronson in 1969. The premise of the show was like Route 66, following Bronson as he travelled around the country, briefly affecting the lives of those he met.

Michael sang the theme song for the show, Long Lonesome Highway. The single peaked at #20 on the Hot 100 in 1970.

A handful of singles and a few albums followed, but none of his singles charted again.

Michael objected to the increase in violence that the showrunners wanted and admitted to becoming difficult to work with. NBC finally cancelled his show, and finding work became difficult for a few years.

After three years on his own, Michael again found steady work on as a guest star on various television shows and in movies made for television as well. Late in his career, he appeared in major films made by David Lynch, Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino.

Michael died in 2017. He was 77 years old.


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