1974 Mocedades – Eres Tú

1974 Mocedades – Eres Tú 

From 1958 to 1989, only five singles with Spanish lyrics reached the Billboard Hot 100: two versions of La Bomba (by Ritchie Valens and Los Lobos), Guantanamera by the Sandpipers, Oye Cómo Va by Santana, and a record by Mocedades: Eres Tú.

A group of young Spanish musicians grew a band beginning in 1967. Several lineup changes occurred before the band signed with producer Juan Carlos Calderón in 1969. The Spanish word “mocedade” means “youth,” and the producer pluralized the word to give the group a new name. 

The group participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973, performing a song written and later produced by Juan. Their performance represented Spain in the competition, and Eres Tú won second place.

The single that followed the next year became a huge success. The record not only did well in Europe, but it also reached #9 on the Hot 100 in 1974.

While the group never reached the Hot 100 again, they continued to have continued success in Spain and Latin America.

Touch The Wind, a version of the song with English lyrics, was the B-side of the single, but radio simply ignored that side completely. Eydie Gorme reached #41 on the Adult Contemporary chart in late 1974 with her single that used English lyrics.

Johnny Rodriguez reached #25 on the US Country charts with a Tex-Mex cover of the song in 1977.


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