1961 Rick Nelson – A Wonder Like You/Everlovin’

1960 Rick Nelson – A Wonder Like You 

Ricky Nelson began appearing in his family’s radio show when he was nine years old, his family’s movie when he turned twelve, landed an ongoing role in their television show shortly after that, and recorded his first single at seventeen in an effort to impress a young girl.

In 1961, he turned 21 and apparently decided it was time to grow up: after switching record labels, he also insisted on renaming himself “Rick.”

Earlier that year, he had arguably his biggest hit with the two-sided smash Traveling Man and Hello, Mary Lou. The disks still used “Ricky,” but that all changed with his next hit.

Jerry Fuller had written Traveling Man (and nearly two dozen other songs Rick recorded), and he also wrote the A-side of his next single, A Wonder Like You. The record quickly reached #11 on the Hot 100 in 1961. 

Dave Burgess had written Everlovin’ and the Australian group The Cresents had recorded the song in 1959. Rick’s version of the song became the B-side of his single and peaked at #16 on the Hot 100.

Rick had three more top ten singles in 1962, after which his singing career seems to have been drowned out by the British Invasion. He eventually switched to a more Country-Rock format for the next decade.


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