1966 The Chiffons – Sweet Talkin’ Guy

1966 The Chiffons – Sweet Talkin’ Guy

Patricia Bennett, Judy Craig, and Barbara Lee began singing together while attending high school in the Bronx in 1960. Songwriter Ronnie Mack convinced them to add Sylvia Peterson to the group and they recorded a song he had written, He’s So Fine. The Tokens produced the single, which Laurie Records released. The record topped the Hot 100 in 1963. 

Gerry Goffin and Carole King wrote the group’s next single, One Fine Day, and that brought them to #5 on the chart. The group reached #40 with one single and failed to do even that well with five more over the next three years.

The group signed with Laurie Records in 1966 and finally had another hit. Barbara Baer, Eliot Greenberg, Doug Morris, and Robert Schwartz wrote the song and the Tokens again produced the record. The single reached #10 on the hot 100 and became the group’s last top forty record.

Various members of the Chiffons have come and gone over the next few decades as the group continued to appear in Oldies shows.

Doug continued working as a songwriter and producer for Laurie Records, and co-wrote and produced Are You A Boy Or A Girl for the Barbarians in 1966. The single peaked at #55 on the Hot 100.

Doug went on to be the president of Atco Records, then the president of Atlantic Records in 1970. By 1995, he was the president of Universal Music Group, after which he became the chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment.


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