1976 Cyndi Grecco – Making Our Dreams Come True

1976 Cyndi Grecco – Making Our Dreams Come True 

Some songs are neither lost nor forgotten, simply because they were the theme songs for popular television shows that will appear in reruns about forever.

That doesn’t always translate into airplay.

The 1976 television show Laverne & Shirley spun out of Happy Days in 1976. The main characters were more than a little bit different from their first appearance on the parent show, but the new show quickly became a ratings hit.

Cyndi Grecco sang the theme song, Making Our Dreams Come True. Backup vocals on the song came from the Ron Hicklin Singers, a group of studio singers whose biggest claim to fame came from their performances on The Partridge Family.

Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel wrote Cyndi’s single, and Charles produced it. The record reached #25 on the Hot 100 and #13 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1976.

The next year, ABC tried to spin another show out of Happy Days. Nancy Walker appeared on the show as a relative of the main family, and a week later she starred in the show Blanksy’s Beauties. They again called on Cyndi to sing the theme songI Want It All.

This time, things did not go as well. The show only lasted 13 weeks, and Cyndi’s song simply didn’t get much notice. In fact, her career completely stalled: she never reached the charts again. 

Scott Baio appeared on the show, but -not- as Chachi. After the show got canceled, Scott moved to Happy Days and became a teen idol.


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