1989 Poco – Call It Love

1989 Poco – Call It Love

For ten years after the group placed two singles in the top twenty on the Hot 100 in 1979, Poco struggled with few traces of success. Turnover in the lineup became commonplace.

Sales of the five albums they released in the early eighties were progressively lower, and the band eventually stopped recording for the next four years after Atlantic Records dropped the group.

Richard Marx and Allen Kovac (his manager) began working with the group and convinced the original members of the group to reunite and record a new album: Richard Furay, George Grantham, Randy Meisner, Jim Messina, and Rusty Young.

RCA Records released the album in 1989.

The first single from the album returned the group to the charts. Jim co-wrote Call It Love with Billy Crain, Ron Gilbeau, and Rick Lonow, and Rusty sang the lead vocals. The single peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 and reached #2 on both the US Mainstream Rock chart and the Adult Contemporary chart.

Richard Marx and Bruce Gaitsch wrote the second single from the album, Nothin’ to Hide. Randy sang lead on the single, which stalled at #39 on the Hot 10o but managed to reach the top ten on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Sales and attendance at the band’s tour faded, and most of the members left to join other groups by the early nineties. Rusty continued to lead Poco with varying replacements through the rest of the decade.


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