1966 Tommy McLain – Sweet Dreams

1966 Tommy McLain – Sweet Dreams 

Country star Don Gibson wrote the song Sweet Dreams and recorded it in 1955. While his single reached #9 on the Country charts in early 1956, Faron Young recorded a cover version in 1960 that went to #2 on the Country charts.

Don recorded a new single in 1960 which performed slightly better, reaching #6 on the Country chart.

Patsy Cline recorded the most recognized version of the song in 1963, just a few weeks before her untimely death in a plane crash. They turned her recording into a single that made it to #5 on the Country chart. It also crossed over to other radio formats and reached #15 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #44 on the Hot 100.

The most successful single to reach the Hot 100 came from Tommy McLain. Tommy grew up in Louisiana and became a swamp pop musician, singing and playing keyboards, drums, fiddles, and bass guitar. He began recording in the mid-sixties and released his own version of Sweet Dreams in 1966. 

The single made it to #15 on the Hot 100, qualifying Tommy as a one-hit-wonder.


Tommy toured as part of Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars on the strength of his hit and later worked as a disc jockey in Louisiana.

He still performs with his Mule Train Band.


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