1970 Tom Jones – Daughter Of Darkness

1970 Tom Jones – Daughter Of Darkness 

After quick success on the charts in both the UK and the US in 1965 during the British Invasion, it became difficult for Tom Jones to reach the top ten on the US Hot 100 again. He had seven more top ten singles in the UK in 1967 and 1968.

Tom Jones got his career moving again in 1969 when he began starring in the syndicated television variety show This Is Tom Jones. He had two more top ten singles in both countries in 1969.

 Peter Sullivan produced all of Tom’s singles through 1970 (and also worked with Engelbert Humperdinck). Two prolific British songwriters, Les Reed and Geoff Stephens, wrote the song Daughter Of Darkness, which Tom recorded in 1970.

The single peaked at #5 in the UK but stalled at #13 on the US Hot 100. Fortunately for Tom, it also reached #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The recording included vocal work by session singer Reginald Dwight (who legally changed his name to Elton John in 1972).


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