1963 Doris Troy – Just One Look

1963 Doris Troy – Just One Look 

Doris Higginsen dealt with parents that did not appreciate her interest in singing non-religious music (perhaps because her father was a  Barbadian Pentecostal minister. She began using her grandmother’s last name and appearing as Doris Payne.

James Brown discovered Doris when she had a job as an usher at the Apollo Theater. She found some success as a songwriter when she wrote the song How About That. Dee Clark’s single reached #33 on the Hot 100 and earned Doris $100 in 1960.

Doris began working for Atlantic Records as a background singer. She also became one of the original members of the Sweet Inspirations. Inspired by Helen of Troy, she began using the stage name Doris Troy.

In 1963, she wrote and recorded the song Just One Look. Her single reached #10 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the R&B chart.

After no other hits were forthcoming, Doris moved to the UK and signed with Apple Records in 1969. George Harrison co-produced her next album, but that did not produce any hits.

Doris continued singing background vocals on diverse recordings for other artists, including You Can’t Always Get What You WantThe Dark Side of the Moon, and You’re So Vain. She moved back to the US in 1974 and continued performing in clubs.

Doris died in 2004 after battling emphysema.


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