1966 Frank Gallop – The Ballad Of Irving

1966 Frank Gallop – The Ballad Of Irving 

Frank Gallop was working for an investment firm when he was offered a job as an announcer, thanks to his penetrating voice. While the job turned out to be temporary, he soon found that he could easily get jobs on the radio.

He worked for CBS and then NBC on soap operas. His big break came when he was hired to act as a comic announcer for Milton Berle. By the mid-fifties, he was working as the announcer for Perry Como. That time he was the straight man, allowing Perry to supply jokes.

In 1958, Frank recorded an unusual song: Got A Match. The song was an instrumental that got interrupted periodically by Frank asking, “Got a match?” Don Costa led the orchestra on the single, which reached #57 on the Hot 100 (and did much better in the New York area).

Frank continued announcing and did not record another song for eight years. His next single was a comedy record that poked fun at Lorne Green’s chart-topping single Ringo

The Ballad Of Irving followed the adventures of Irving, the 131 fastest gun in the west. This time his single reached the top forty, peaking at #34 on the Hot 100. Stranger still, the single somehow reached #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

While Frank recorded more songs, none of them ever charted. Airplay on Doctor Demento’s show kept his two hit singles alive for new audiences into the next century.


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