1980 The Korgis – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

1980 The Korgis – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime

Singers James Warren on guitar and keyboards and Andy Cresswell-Davis on bass had been founding members of the British rock band Stackridge in 1970. The group became popular in their home country but found little success elsewhere. By 1977, the band had completely fallen apart.

Shortly after that, James and Andy recruited keyboard player Phil Harrison and violinist Stuart Gordon and formed The Korgis. The new band’s second singleIf I Had You, reached the top twenty in the UK in 1979.

A reissue of the band’s first single still didn’t chart, so the band quickly completed another album.

They released a new song from their second album in 1980, Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime. The single became an international hit. The song featured an unusual instrument, the guzheng (an 18-string Chinese zither).

The record reached #13 on the US Hot 100, #5 in the UK, and even topped the charts in France and Spain.

Unfortunately, the commercial success led to a splintering of the band. Andy left the band first, and two more members left before the completion of a third album. 

By 1982, the group ceased to exist. James reformed a new version of the band in 1985 and Andy rejoined as well beginning in 1990.

The two founding members also reformed Stackridge a few times and reformed The Korgis in 2005, but neither group found much additional success.

James still continues to lead an active version of The Korgis.


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