1982 Eddie Rabbitt – Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight

1982 Eddie Rabbitt – Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight 

Eddie Rabbitt had a great deal of success as both a Country and Pop musician Read this article on my blog for details of his early career:

In 1980, Eddie’s recording of Drivin’ My Life Away not only returned him to the top of the Country chart, the single reached #5 on the Hot 100 and #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart. 

His next single, I Love a Rainy Night, proved to be an even more universal hit, reaching #1 on all three charts. In 1981, Step By Step returned him to the same chart spots as Drivin’ My Life Away.

All three of those crossover hits were co-written by Eddie with help from David Malloy and Even Stevens and also produced by David. The trio worked together to create his next singleSomeone Could Lose A Heart Tonight.

While the record topped the Country chart and reached the top ten of the Adult Contemporary chart, it stalled at #15 on the Hot 100 in early 1982. 

Eddie had one more top thirty single on the pop charts. A duet with Crystal Gayle (You And I) reached #7 on the Hot 100 and the #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

After 1983, he never reached the Hot 100 or the Adult Contemporary chart again. Eddie’s music became more traditional Country, and he continued scoring hits on that chart until the early nineties (when traditional Country was somehow chased off the radio).


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