1985 Giuffria – Call to the Heart 

1985 Giuffria – Call to the Heart 

Gulfport, Mississippi, was the hometown of Gregg Giuffria. He played keyboards and sang in several bands in high school before moving to California in the mid-seventies. He joined the band Angel and stayed with the band until it broke up in 1981. 

He recruited new members and tried to reform Angel, but his new bandmates insisted on a different name. Eventually, the band simply used Gregg’s last name and began appearing as Giuffria in 1983.

In 1984, the band signed with MCA Records. Their first singleCall To The Heart, reached ##15 on the Hot 100. The record sounded a great deal like Journey.

Two more singles came from the album, but neither of them reached the top forty.

Ritchie Blackmore reformed Deep Purple in 1984, and Giuffria became their opening act for a US tour. 

After a few lineup changes, the band released its second album in 1986. The first single from the album, I Must Be Dreaming, stalled at #52.

The second single didn’t even reach the Hot 100. Demos for a third album were recorded, but Gregg left the group before it could be completed or released.

Gregg got help from Gene Simmons (the bass player from Kiss) and put together a new group called House of Lords. 

Several other members of Giuffria reformed the group (without Gregg) in 2015.


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One thought on “1985 Giuffria – Call to the Heart ”

  1. I was always a big fan of this band which I thought came out of Canada, due to their use of keyboards. Also Mink Deville recorded a version of “I must be dreaming” as well, sounds very good as well


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