1988 Rick Astley – It Would Take A Strong Strong Man

1988 Rick Astley – It Would Take A Strong Strong Man 

How many times have you been Rickrolled? That refers to clicking on a link or picture and expecting something other than the chance to watch Rick Astley sing and dance in the video for his first single: Never Gonna Give You Up.

The single was released in July 1987 and reached the top of the Hot 100 in March 1988. The meme of Rickrolling started in 2007 and gained momentum when YouTube used Rickrolling as their 2008 April Fool stunt.

As of 2020, there have been over one Billion views of the video on YouTube.

Can you guess how much money YouTube paid Rick for this incomparable feat? He didn’t write the song, produce the record, or own pretty much anything to do with it, so he recalls receiving a single check for $12. Fortunately, he has been handsomely paid for a few other public appearances.

He has also had a successful career since then. He also topped the Hot 100 with the single Together Forever and had three more top ten singles in the US (compared to seven additional top ten singles in the UK).

Rick’s last single from his first album was It Would Take A Strong Strong Man, which followed Together Forever onto the charts and reached #10 on the Hot 100 in 1988.

By 1993, Rick had decided enough was enough; he was tired of dealing with the business side of the music industry. He retired from performing and stayed home to raise his family.

In 2000, Rick recorded a new album and has kept busy in the music field ever since.


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