1961 Joe Barry – I’m A Fool To Care

1961 Joe Barry – I’m A Fool To Care 

Ted Daffan was born in Louisiana and moved to Texas. Once there, he formed the western swing group Ted Daffan’s Texans and began recording in 1940. He wrote the B-side of his first single, I’m A Fool To Care

While that release may not have been a huge hit for him, he also wrote his 1943 release Born To Lose. That single lasted 82 weeks on the Hillbilly chart and became a million-selling single for Ray Charles in 1962.

Les Paul and Mary Ford released their version of I’m A Fool To Care as a single in 1954. The record peaked at #6 on the Hot 100. They continued charting in the top forty through 1961, but none of their singles after 1955 even reached the top ten.

Cajun singer Joe Barry grew up in Louisiana and began recording for Jin Records in 1960. He also covered I’m A Fool To Care and his single sounds almost exactly like a recording that you might have expected to hear from Fats Domino. 

The record initially came out on Jin Records. Smash Records (a subsidiary of Mercury Records) then licensed the single for national distribution. The single peaked at #24 on the Hot 100 and #15 on the R&B chart in 1961. It eventually earned a gold record by selling over a million copies.

Joe’s next single was a cover of Teardrops In My Heart, a record that had reached #4 on the Country chart for The Sons Of The Pioneers in 1947. His single stalled at #63 and he never reached the Hot 100 again.


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