1974 Art Garfunkel / Tim Moore – Second Avenue

1974 Art Garfunkel / Tim Moore – Second Avenue 

While the name Tim Moore may not be familiar to you, his career is full of names that you will recognize.

Tim grew up in Philadelphia and played drums in Woody’s Truck Stop, a band that included Todd Rundgren. 

Tim’s music impressed Frank Zappa, who invited him to New York City and offered him a recording contract. When Frank admitted he was too busy to produce his album, Tim walked away.

Tim began doing studio work for Thom Bell and Gamble and Huff in Philadelphia. He lived next door to Daryl Hall and the two of them formed the band Gulliver and released an album on Elektra Records.

Gulliver disbanded, and Tim moved to Woodstock and signed with Dunhill Records. He sang on Dallas, the first single issued by Steely Dan.

In 1974, Tim finally released his first album for a new label: A Small Record Company. Paramount’s parent company Famous Music Corp. distributed his album as well as the single Second Avenue

Famous Music Corp. almost immediately went out of business, seemingly ending sales for Tim’s record. A bidding war ensued, and Asylum Records signed Tim to a contract and began pressing the single on their label.

The single reached #58 on the Hot 100 and #41 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Meanwhile, two days after Tim’s single came out, a second version of the song was released. Art Garfunkel recorded his version of the song and it came out on Columbia Records. The single peaked at #34 on the Hot 100 and #6 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Tim wrote more songs that were hits for other artists and had a number one hit in Portugal in 1986 without ever reaching the top forty on the Hot 100.

Art had three more top forty singles in 1975, all of which topped the Adult Contemporary Chart.


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