1987 The Bangles – Walking Down Your Street

1987 The Bangles – Walking Down Your Street 

In January 1986, the Bangles released their second album. Two of their biggest hits came from the album that year, Manic Monday and Walk Like An Egyptian.

The band was still able to mine the album for another hit single over a year later in 1987. Singer/vocalist Susanna Hoffs co-wrote Walking Down Your Street with David Kahne (their producer) and Louis Gutierrez. 

The video for the song followed a fake band that won a trip to perform at a show with Little Richard…and he even appears in the video.

The single peaked at #11 on the Hot 100 and #16 in the UK.

The band’s next three singles reached #2, #1, and #5. Soon after that, the band split up, but they reformed in 1998 and continue to record new music.


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